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By Philip M. Parker

Whether you don't like crossword puzzles, you could turn out loving those. Designed for mother-tongue or thoroughly fluent audio system of Portuguese Brazilian desirous to enhance their English abilities, the puzzles can also be unique to English audio system. they're formatted in order that each one puzzle should be solved in 15 to half-hour. The vocabulary progressively turns into more durable throughout puzzles therefore expanding the problem as you move. every one publication has a hundred puzzles and every puzzle covers a few 30 observe pairs (equaling 3000 challenges!). those are really friendly, if now not addictive, crossword puzzles for language studying. studying a language is often tough. To ease the soreness, tricks are supplied in small script on the backside of every web page, even though those are chosen to avoid an engineered method to the puzzle. complete options are supplied behind the e-book. those positive aspects (hints and verifiable solutions), strength the reader to decipher a word’s that means and serves to enhance vocabulary retention and figuring out. One contemporary reviewer of this sequence famous “As a Peace Corps Volunteer … this can be certainly a enjoyable solution to sustain the language talents … The sequence has tons of of "rarely spoken" languages, broadly unknown to us within the Western world.” one other reviewer notes: “Good instructor because it has phrases indexed less than which are in puzzle so the clues are there if you want them.” Public area translations for Portuguese Brazilian contributed to Webster’s on-line Dictionary utilized in those puzzles could have originated from uncited volunteers, local audio system, specialist translators, box linguists and lecturers (not via the editor of the puzzles). if you'd like quotation for any translations, make feedback, be aware error, or give a contribution in the other means, please electronic mail Philip M. Parker at INSEAD, who will replace this sequence at times. replica rights are granted to educators.

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Org Across 5 would readmit 7 would surmount, would surpass 8 to ship 10 had recovered, had retrieved 13 would intoxicate 20 would rearrange 26 would resume 27 would reapply 28 to hide 29 would subscribe, would underwrite 30 would urbanize Down 1 would subtend 2 would embed 3 will mutilate 4 would overpower, would quell, would subdue 6 would intoxicate 9 to encase 11 would drown, would immerse, would submerge 12 to discuss, knock off, strike off 14 would procure 15 would decamp 16 had decoded 17 18 19 21 22 23 24 25 would transfigure would liberalize would rehabilitate would disrupt would sublease, would sublet would subdivide would tabulate would resound Solutions: alcovitarias, debater, decamparíamos, deceparemos, decodificara, embarcar, embriagaríeis, embutiríeis, encaixotar, encobrir, liberalizaríeis, reabilitaríeis, readmitiríeis, reaplicarias, rearranjarias, reassumirias, reaviras, rebentaríeis, reboaríeis, sobrepujaríeis, subdividirias, subjugarias, sublocarias, submergirias, subscreverias, subtenderias, tabularias, transfiguraríamos, urbanizarias.

Org Across 1 had subsidized 6 had escalated 12 will sever 13 had obsessed 15 will enthrall 17 had lacerated 24 would intoxicate 25 had carved, had engraved, had sculpted 26 had nationalized 27 will reopen 28 will cheapen 29 will bloat 30 had submitted Down 2 had decoded 3 to regain, to retrieve 4 to transfuse 5 will explain, will illuminate 7 had hidden 8 would mutilate 9 had fluctuated, had oscillated, had wavered 10 to repress 11 had ignited 14 had liberated, had rid 16 18 19 20 21 22 23 had inculcated had discussed had shipped will startle had encased had deflected will ooze Solutions: debateram, deceparíamos, decodificáramos, embarcaram, embebedaríamos, encaixotaram, encobriram, escalaram, esclarecerá, escoará, escravizará, esculpira, incendiara, inchará, inclinara, inculcara, lacerara, libertaram, nacionalizara, obcecara, oscilara, pechinchará, rachará, reabrirá, recalcar, recobrar, sobressaltará, submetera, subsidiara, transfundir.

30 words). org 50 Puzzle #46: Level 15 - Not Very Tricky 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 10 8 9 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 © Philip M. org Across 2 will explain, will illuminate 4 will submit 5 will inculcate 8 will nationalize 10 will lacerate 11 had recriminated 13 will subsidize 14 will ignite 16 had escalated 17 will enthrall 20 will carve, will engrave, will sculpt 21 will obsess 24 will transfuse 25 will cheapen 26 had absorbed, had imbibed 27 will fluctuate, will oscillate, will waver 28 will bloat 29 will startle 30 will decode Down 1 will ooze 3 had encased 6 had discussed 7 will deflect 9 had shipped 12 will reopen 15 had liberated, had rid 18 will sever 19 will repress 22 will regain, will retrieve 23 had hidden Solutions: debatêreis, decodificaremos, embarcáreis, embebêramos, encaixotáreis, encobríreis, escaláreis, esclarecereis, escoareis, escravizareis, esculpirei, incendiarei, inchareis, inclinarei, inculcarei, lacerarei, libertáreis, nacionalizarei, obcecarei, oscilarei, pechinchareis, rachareis, reabrireis, recalcarás, recobrarás, recrimináramos, sobressaltareis, submeterei, subsidiarei, transfundirás.

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