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In freezing temperatures, moisture from your exhaled breath can cause a scuba regulator to freeze. Water in other items of diving equipment can also freeze. If you intend to dive in a cold environment, you should complete special training and should know how to prepare and use your equipment in those conditions. 30 Diving Science Light and Vision External reflection All light reflected Greys Blues Greens Oranges Yellows Reds The density of water makes it challenging for from the surface of smooth water divers to interpret what they see and hear.

Descent the volume of gas at a constant pressure changes with temperature. Joseph-Louis During ascent, the pressure surrounding an Block Gay-Lussac, a French scientist, defined the air space decreases. If the air inside the space, which was equalized to a higher effect of temperature: For any gas at a conpressure during descent, cannot escape, a stant volume, the pressure of the gas varies situation that is the reverse of a squeeze occurs. When the pressure inside an air directly with the absolute temperature.

Air bubbles enter the capillary beds of the lungs and pass through the heart, which pumps the bubbles into arteries supplying blood to the body. The diameter of an artery decreases as the distance from the heart increases. At some point, a bubble lodges in an artery and becomes an embolus (plug). It is common for an arterial gas embolism to occur in an artery leading to the brain.

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