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By Edward Royce

Poverty and tool means that state-of-the-art poverty effects from deep-rooted disparities in source of revenue, wealth, and gear. the speed and severity of poverty stay excessive, simply because thousands of usa citizens are trapped in low-wage jobs, inadequately served through govt coverage, excluded from mainstream coverage debates, and vitimized by means of discrimination and social exculsion.

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57 Differences in intelligence are thereby translated into differences in earnings. High-IQ workers are slotted into the good jobs and low-IQ workers, if they are not entirely superfluous, are slotted into the bad jobs. This occupational sorting process, for Herrnstein and Murray, is uniform, objective, rational, inevitable, and meritocratic: uniform, because The Biogenetic Theory of Poverty and Inequality 39 all employers rely on essentially the same criteria for evaluating workers; objective, because the screening process is relatively free of subjective judgment, prejudice, and false impressions; rational, because it maximizes efficiency; inevitable, because it is bound to the imperatives of a technological society; and meritocratic, because it guarantees that ability is the primary determinant of who gets ahead.

10 My critique of The Bell Curve is divided into three sections. In the first, I discuss Herrnstein and Murray’s view of intelligence; in the second I examine their analysis of the relation between IQ and life outcomes; and in the third section I focus specifically on their theory of poverty. ”11 (2) Standardized intelligence tests provide a precise measure of general intelligence, making it possible to rank individuals on a linear scale according to their intelligence quotient. 12 (4) People at birth are either blessed or doomed with a level of intelligence that is largely unalterable.

IQ scores, therefore, tell us little about people’s overall practical competence, nor do they dictate social and economic destinies. 15 As measures of intelligence, standardized tests are also limited because they assess only a specific set of test-taking competencies, skills associated with achievement on time-restricted paper-and-pencil examinations. 17 Third, The Bell Curve, according to many critics, overestimates the genetic basis and heritability of IQ and underestimates the influence of the social environment.

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