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By C. H. Grandgent

This scarce antiquarian e-book is a facsimile reprint of the unique. as a result of its age, it could comprise imperfections resembling marks, notations, marginalia and wrong pages. simply because we think this paintings is culturally very important, we have now made it on hand as a part of our dedication for shielding, maintaining, and selling the world's literature in reasonable, top of the range, glossy versions which are actual to the unique paintings.

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131; bis coctum; in odio^ medio die; medio loco. ADJECTIVES. b. 44. style. cornis; These compounds generally belonged to the literary G. 130-134, 160-170: magnisonans ; omnimodus ; uniunigenitus ; etc. , were popular. PRONOUNS. c. See §§ 24, 65. 45. d. Cake 46. flectere, tenere; pistare; crucifigere, G. G. , in many VERBS. verbs in (> (> i<)i\ Pr. mentaver) Gl. Reich. ; minus manu pretiare. So In church writers there are -ficare, as mortificare: e. /oris mittere; genu- Fr. enfuir); intra videre; G.

Tantus : see quantus. pronounced also tottus (S. 121) and perhaps *tuttus, was sometimes used for omnis : Plautus, totis horis, Mil. Glor. 212. This use was common in late Latin: Densusianu 178, Bechtel 143, R. 338, G. 402-403 totus, ifota tormenta diaboli in me veniant, 403). Cf. §§ 163, 204, (2). iinus. VERBS. 3. Frequent in late Latin Bon. 691-693: commonens ut 72. Compare the old § 1 1 7. There finitive, is also a . a pleonastic use of debeo, custodire debeant, 692. Cf. Italian use of dovere.

Ilis: see —dlis. -inus : see Nouns. -inus {as fraxinus) was used for a few adjectives: quercinus. -iscus, probably a fusion of Greek -ktkos {Syriscus) and Germanic -isk (Thiudiscus), was used for -icus in some late words: *Angliscus; '*Frankiscus. Nouns. -ittus: see ~ius : see —eus. -ivus (as nativus) occurs in a few new formations : *restivus. Cf Olcott . 224-226. -oneus : see —dneus. -orius: see -iorius. —sorius: see —tortus, —tortus -sorius, made up of -t-or, —s-or H ius (as notare notor notorius, some new formations: defensorius In Provengal and Rumanian -torius was extended, with the censere censor censorius), were used for mansorius.

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