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By Walter Hazen

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5. Cinque was the name of (a) an early African kingdom. (b) the ship that brought the first Africans to North America. (c) the slave who took over a Spanish slave ship. (d) a free black who fought in the Revolutionary War. 6. A movement to resettle blacks to Africa was started in the early 1800s by a wealthy black ship owner named (a) Salem Poor. (b) Paul Cuffe. (c) Peter Salem. (d) Mark Starlin. 7. With what event in American history is Crispus Attucks associated? (a) Boston Tea Party (b) Battle of Bunker Hill (c) Boston Massacre (d) Battle of Lexington.

C) granting equal employment opportunities to African Americans. 13. President Franklin D. Roosevelt was reluctant to support a strong antilynching bill because (a) he feared antagonizing southern members of Congress who could block his New Deal programs. (b) he disliked African Americans. (c) he did not believe lynching was a widespread problem. 14. An African American newspaper editor who worked to end lynchings in America was (a) W. E. B. Du Bois. (b) Langston Hughes. Wells. 15. When World War I began,African American men (a) showed little interest.

Each maintained that when a southern state established a government and a tenth of its voters swore an oath of allegiance to the United States, that state would be welcomed back into the Union. Radical Republicans in Congress, however, had different ideas. With this in mind, they urged Congress to pass the Reconstruction Act of 1867. ) This law abolished the all-white governments the South had re-established and guaranteed blacks the right to vote. It also required that each new state legislature elected by all the voters had to ratify the Fourteenth Amendment.

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