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By Peter Orlik

This booklet relies on sequence of lectures given at a summer season tuition on algebraic combinatorics on the Sophus Lie Centre in Nordfjordeid, Norway, in June 2003, one via Peter Orlik on hyperplane preparations, and the opposite one by way of Volkmar Welker on unfastened resolutions. either issues are crucial elements of present study in quite a few mathematical fields, and the current publication makes those subtle instruments to be had for graduate scholars.

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8 Formal Connections 41 Dep(A)q = {{j1 , . . , jq } | codim(Hj1 ∩ . . ∩ Hjq ) < q}. Let Dep(A) = ∪q≤ +1 Dep(A)q . Two essential simple arrangements are combinatorially equivalent if and only if they have the same dependent sets. We call T their combinatorial type and write Dep(T ). Call a subcollection of [n+1] realizable if it is Dep(A) for a simple arrangement A. Note that an arbitrary subcollection of [n + 1] is not necessarily realizable as a dependent set. For example, the collection {123, 124, 134} is not realizable as a dependent set, since these dependencies imply the dependence of 234.

Ik , . . , iq+1 ). 42 1 Algebraic Combinatorics Let (A• (G), ay )) be the Aomoto complex of a general position arrangement of n ordered hyperplanes in C . 7 and call the resulting type G∞ . The fact that the hyperplane at infinity Hn+1 may be part of a dependent set, but the nbc set contains only affine hyperplanes leads to awkward case distinctions which have no geometric significance. We write S ≡ T if S and T are equal sets. 1. Let S be an index set of size q + 1. Define an R-linear endomorphism of the Aomoto complex ω ˜ S : (A• (G), ay ) → (A• (G), ay ) as follows.

The closure, st(v), is a cone with cone point v. Let (A, A , A ) be a triple with respect to the last hyperplane Hn . Then st(Hn ) consists of all simplexes belonging to the set {S ∈ nbc | S ∪ {Hn } ∈ nbc}. Also NBC consists of all simplexes S of NBC with Hn ∈ S. Thus we have NBC = st(Hn ) ∪ NBC . 4, ν{X1 , . . , Xp } ∈ st(Hn ) ∩ NBC . So the map ν induces a simplicial map ν : NBC −→ st(Hn ) ∩ NBC . This map is obviously injective. 4. Thus the two simplicial complexes are isomorphic: NBC st(Hn ) ∩ NBC .

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