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In the course of its short lifestyles Wikipedia has proved astonishingly winning. Its 2. eight million articles (in English by myself) can be found freely to all with entry to the web. The online encyclopaedia could be visible because the twenty first century's model of prior old makes an attempt to assemble the world's wisdom into one position.

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Categories with difference kernels and difference cokernels are S, S*, Top, Top*, G r , A b , R i , and ^Mod. W e want to give the construction of a difference cokernel i n S. L e t two maps f g : A ^ B be given. Take the smallest equivalence relation on the set B under which f(a) and g(a) are equivalent for all aeA. T h e equivalence classes of this equivalence relation form a set C, onto which B is mapped i n the obvious way. T h i s map is a difference cokernel of (fg) as may easily be verified.

2 we mentioned that a category may be considered as a special class. N o w we want to speeify this. First, we deal with the definition of a category that describes only the properties of the morphisms, but does not define the objects. T h i s definition w i l l be slightly narrower than the one given before. 1. A category is a class Ji together with a subclass VC map *V B(a,b)v-+ J£ X Jl and a abeJ? such that (1) F o r all a b, c E Ji the following are equivalent y (i) (ii) (iii) (iv) (2) (a b) (b c)E^ (a b) {ab, c)Ei (a bc) (b c)Ei (a b) (b c), (a bc) (ab c) e y y y r y y r y y y y y y F o r each ae and y y there are e y r b'e = b' t l ec — c y r x (3) y t y r y y r E y y r c'e = c' y for all (e , b), (b' e ) (e , c) (c' e ) T h e n e and e are called units.

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