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By Jeffrey Heath

This can be a finished description of Tamashek Tuareg spoken in Mali. The forms coated during this quantity are these of Tamashek within the slim experience, except for Tawellemett yet together with the opposite Malian kinds (Goundam, Timbuktu, Gao, Ansongo, Kidal, and the Gourma quarter south of the Niger River together with Gosi and the outskirts of Hombori).

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The VblN of '(skin and) butcher' (e) varies between ss and zz, while that of 'run' (f) consistently shows zz. g), gemination occurs in the ablaut PI, which has zz versus s in the Sg. Fuller dialectal data on these stems are presented in the relevant dictionary entries. 6 Alternation ofs and ζ The alternations covered here are lexically idiosyncratic. g. ', MaSg participle saeggaer-asn or seeggaer-asn 'red', and abstractive noun t - a - s u r e 'redness'. However, I did record a relative adjectival noun as ά-zwcnr 'red one' with z.

Prohibitive) stems. Basically the modification converting Y to Y' adds phonetic content (where it is not vacuous) in the perfective, reduces phonetic content (erasing a V-length ablaut formative χ-pcl and an accent ablaut formative χ-pcl) in the imperfective and prohibitive, and modifies the stem vocalism in all of these stems. c) are limited to definite relative clauses, which begin with a definite demonstrative (in apposition to the head NP, which if overtly expressed is external to the clause).

Taking /d/ as underlying, we could argue that geminated /dd/ in the inflectable verb forms has been devoiced to ιtt. t In the case of 'hold', the division is between the inflectable verb stems as a class (with tt) and the associated nominals (with d). e. when the gemination is confined to the long imperfective, we get dd instead of tt. An example is 'graze', with PerfP -adasn- and LoImpfP -t-addan-. ( I Let us now consider cases where the inflectable verb stem has ungeminated d and a nominal derivative has a geminated counterpart.

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