Nancy Abrams, Paul Davies, Archbishop Desmond Tutu's A God That Could Be Real: Spirituality, Science, and the PDF

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By Nancy Abrams, Paul Davies, Archbishop Desmond Tutu

A paradigm-shifting combination of technological know-how, faith, and philosophy for agnostic, spiritual-but-not-religious, and scientifically minded readers
Many individuals are bored stiff with the way in which conventional faith alienates them: too simply it may perpetuate clash, vilify technological know-how, and undermine cause. Nancy Abrams, a thinker of technological know-how, attorney, and lifetime atheist, is between them. And but, while she grew to become to the restoration group to stand a private fight, she came upon that imagining the next energy gave her a brand new freedom. Intellectually, this was once rather magnificent.
in the meantime her husband, famed astrophysicist Joel Primack, used to be supporting create a brand new conception of the universe according to darkish topic and darkish power, and Abrams used to be taking part with him on books that placed the recent medical photograph right into a social and political context. She questioned, “Could something really exist during this unusual new universe that's useful of the identify ‘God?’”
In A God which may be Real, Abrams explores a appreciably new mind set approximately God. She dismantles a number of universal assumptions approximately God and exhibits why an omniscient, all-powerful God that created the universe and plans what occurs is incompatible with science—but that this doesn’t restrict a God which may convenience and empower us.
relocating clear of conventional arguments for God, Abrams reveals whatever valuable of the identify “God” within the new technological know-how of emergence: simply as a fancy ant hill emerges from the collective habit of separately clueless ants, and simply because the worldwide economic system emerges from the interactions of billions of people’ offerings, God, she argues, is an “emergent phenomenon” that arises from the fantastic complexity of humanity’s collective aspirations and is in discussion with each person. This God didn't create the universe—it created the that means of the universe. It’s no longer universal—it’s planetary. It can’t switch the realm, however it is helping us switch the area. A God that may be actual, Abrams indicates us, is what humanity must motivate us to jointly cooperate to guard our warming planet and create a long term civilization.

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The team of redactors cut, pasted, and massaged these often inconsistent texts to produce the codification of law and history that became holy scripture. In the story of creation in six days, God is calm and majestic, planning each step of the creation of the world and deeming most of it good. But the historically much older story of Adam and Eve, which the redactors decided to place second, portrays God as an emotional being who blows up when disobeyed, then regrets it. The redactors also combined different versions of some stories, for example, Noah and the flood.

This shift in approach was like waking from a dream. Suddenly coherence became possible, because from a cosmic perspective the answer to my question became yes. Yes, there is something that truly fulfills the need for God and is also consistent with a cutting-edge scientific outlook. If we give this idea a serious chance—if we can tamp down the usual reflex of resistance—this way of thinking about God can be comforting, awe inspiring, empowering, and in harmony with science. That’s what this book is about.

I had a successful life teaching, consulting, writing, and raising a young daughter with my husband, but in the privacy of my mind I was brutally self-critical. My good life felt contaminated by guilt and shame stemming from eating and body image. It seemed that half my brain was constantly hounding me about what I could eat, what I shouldn’t eat, and what an idiot I was for having eaten whatever I had just eaten. It was a huge effort to accomplish anything, because my focus was constantly interrupted by self-flagellating thoughts.

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