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In the course of its short lifestyles Wikipedia has proved astonishingly winning. Its 2. eight million articles (in English on my own) can be found freely to all with entry to the web. The online encyclopaedia could be noticeable because the twenty first century's model of previous ancient makes an attempt to collect the world's wisdom into one position.

Information theory: structural models for qualitative data by Klaus Krippendorff PDF

Krippendorff introduces social scientists to info thought and explains its software for structural modeling. He discusses key themes reminiscent of: the right way to ensure a knowledge idea version; its use in exploratory study; and the way it compares with different methods reminiscent of community research, course research, chi sq. and research of variance.

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Neural Networks, May 1992, May 1993. CHAPTER 3 Computational Issues in Intelligent Control: Discrete-Event and Hybrid Systems XENOFON D. KOUTSOUKOS and PANOS J. ANTSAKLIS Department of Electrical Engineering, University of Notre Dame, Notre Dame, IN 46556, USA 1 INTRODUCTION The quest for machines that allow physical systems to exhibit higher autonomy has been the driving force in the development of control systems over the centuries. For systems with high degrees of autonomy, intelligent control methodologies appear to be necessary.

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